Baja California

Extortion and kidnapping on the rise in Baja California

Extortions have increased up to 30% after the pandemic

Several crimes occurring in Baja California are of concern to the State Citizen Council for Public Safety (CCSPBC), due to the fact that they are increasing, especially in the city of Tijuana.

Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, President of the Council detailed that unfortunately crimes such as extortion and kidnapping have skyrocketed so far this year compared to 2020, especially in the city of Tijuana. Extortion has registered an increase of up to 30%, while kidnappings have increased 14% in Baja California.

He explained that so far in 2021, 14 kidnappings have been registered in the state, 10 of which occurred in the municipality of Tijuana and the remaining four in other cities of the state, being micro businessmen the most vulnerable to be deprived of their freedom.

On the other hand, he informed that almost 50% of Tijuana's families suffer from family violence, which leads to femicide and it is precisely the city of Tijuana the one that leads in this area with respect to its criminal incidence of the social axis in Baja California.

To conclude, Hernández Niebla expressed that there is a lack of crime prevention programs, so he invites the general population to be informed about the channels to make the appropriate complaints.

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