Marina del Pilar tours the Chinesca with actor José María Yazpik

Along with actor José María Yazpik , the governor of Baja California took a tour of the famous Mexican alley "La Chinesca"

José María Yazpik continues to enjoy his return after being slighted in the popular Tijuana spot "El Sótano" and now Baja California, in the company of the state governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, she led the Mexican actor along the iconic Mexicali alley known as "La Chinesca" including other officials.

According to the state governor, that had been an abandoned location for years and only was lately maintained by residents of the Chinese heritage who established a society in the region would be gradually restored by the new administration.

Marina del Pilar acknowledged José Mara Yazpik as a distinguished Baja Californian who has devoted a significant portion of his career becoming a cultural amplifier, producing programs for the benefit of the people, inside this case of a man with a social purpose.

Norma Bustamante, the mayor of Mexicali, and Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, a prominent member of the entity's Chinese community, and Carlos Torres, the primary supporter of the "La Chinesca" renovation project, were among the visitors at the occasion.

Del Pilar, meanwhile, used the opportunity to congratulate the actor for returning to "his home," adding that despite being born in Mexico City, the artist spent most of his youth in the state and even studied law here in (UABC)

José María Yazpik , for one, expressed enthusiasm for touring the renovated cultural passage and later seeing the changes that will occur as a result of Marina’s administration, whom he praised for her efforts, arguing that in this line of work, he is constantly looking for governments that will facilitate his work as an ambassador of his profession in finding far-flung locations.

Finally, the governor of Baja California acknowledged the work of her husband, Carlos Torres, with whom she launched the initiative in 2019, which will be followed up with the mayor Bustamante, who was previously the municipality's Director of Culture, as well as reiterating the role of governments as facilitators and detonators of all creative behavior in the state.

VIDEO RELACIONADO: Governor Marina del Pilar meets with Jose Maria Yazpik.


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