On Black Friday, anticipate huge lines to enter San Diego.

Thousands of tourists are expected to cross the border to take advantage of the special deals.

Photo by: Arno Senoner/Melina

The Christmas season is among us, as that we are already proof is that we are already talking about Black Friday, a holiday in the United States that gives significant discounts to stores and businesses and brings thousands of travelers to the neighboring nation to complete their holiday shopping.

However, as anybody who lives near the border knows, waiting in line to enter the United States via land can be a nightmare at times, either because of the long hours required to pass or because of the so-called "seagulls" who try to cut the wait time by jumping in.

As a result, on Black Friday, tens of thousands of people are anticipated to cross the border, lengthening travel times by land and air. According to INRIX, a data research firm, this is stated that the afternoon and night of November 24 would be the busiest on Southern California's freeways.

Not only that, but they also warn that the roadways will be crowded in the days leading up to Thanksgiving; therefore, it is advised that if you are going to cross, you put a bit more gasoline in your tank than you usually do for your everyday travels.

And what about you? How many hours in line would you be prepared to wait to get a great deal?

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