The United States is about to finalize its section of the new Garita Otay II

This checkpoint, which aims to cut waiting times in half, is almost finished.

The Otay II border crossing is set to open in September 2024 to speed up border crossings between Tijuana and San Diego. It will be an innovative, creative, and high-tech gatehouse that might serve as a model for future border crossings. Carlos González Gutiérrez, the Mexican Consul General in San Diego, stated this.

According to the Consul, the Otay II gatehouse is practically complete on the US side, leaving just the Mexican side to complete; therefore, the process is being hurried so that this opening may occur as soon as possible.

This checkpoint will cut wait times by 50%, making it one of the most unique places. It will also include an intelligent network that will allow different lines to open based on demand and charge a fee to use it.

"Otay II" will contain ten lanes for light cars and ten lanes for cargo transport; however, the lanes will be reversible, allowing substantially shorter wait times than other international ports.

"Otay II" will have ten lanes for light vehicles and 10 for cargo transport. However, the lanes will be reversible, allowing waiting times to decrease significantly compared to other international ports.

Another of its characteristics for which it stands out is that it will have an advanced information system, which will serve to know the rates that could go from 9 to 20 dollars (which will change depending on the demand), in addition, it will establish the approximate time of wait to cross into San Diego.

VIDEO: Details of the new Otay 2 gate between Tijuana and San Diego are revealed


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