New Restrictions for Mexican Travelers Announced by the US Embassy

Because of the Omicron variant, further constraints have been applied.

The US Embassy in Mexico said on Friday, December 3, that further travel restrictions had been imposed on the current ones owing to the threat posed by the novel coronavirus strain "micron" discovered in South Africa.

It should be emphasized that the following only relates to air travel; land travel follows the same rules: provide proof of immunization with some of the World Health Organization-approved dosages (WHO).

The following are the new air travel restrictions:

Travelers two years of age and older who enter the United States by air must submit a negative Covid-19 test from the day before or a certificate proving that they have been recovered from coronavirus at least 90 days before to travel as of December 6, 2021.

They have said that the information they offer must be accurate and that misrepresenting the notification may negatively affect them.

Embajada de EEUU
Embajada de EEUU

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