Marina del Pilar's government expresses its unwavering support for the Pueblo Triqui in Baja, California.

The administration, led by Marina del Pilar, is committed to assisting indigenous tribes in any way possible.

Before this, the secretary of Social Inclusion and Gender Equality, Miriam Elizabeth Cano Nez, praised the democratic vocation of the Triqui People, who live in "Nuevo San Juan Copala."

In this regard, the official underlined the Government of Baja California's unfettered support for addressing the needs of the community's families to ensure a better future for all of its residents, particularly girls, boys, and girls. adults in their later years.

Cano Nez also emphasized the Triqui community in the Las Misiones neighborhood's strong sense of social inclusion by advancing in promoting women's political participation, a focus of the secretariat he supervises and of the state government in general.

In a similar spirit, she expressed gratitude to the Triqui People for being invited as a special guest to the event of handing over the Staff of Command to the two women who would be in charge of the secretariat and treasury under the traditional authority.

She went on to say that the Triqui People had made a wonderful gesture by not only inviting her but also by wearing an artisan huipil, which symbolizes a community's acceptance of her and the State Government, which is considered as an ally for the well-being of people who make it up.

The governor of SISIG reaffirmed the coordination between indigenous communities and the Government of the State of Baja California to encourage their development in each area, considering them at all times in citizen involvement dynamics.

Video: The Secretary of Social Inclusion and Gender Equality emphasizes the Triqui people's significance in British Columbia.


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