In Baja California, the price of gasoline will rise to 1.08 dollars a liter

The cost of fuel in the border city will rise 7.8%

A few weeks after the start of 2022, the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) was raised, resulting in a 7.8% rise in fuel cost in the border city.

Alicia Zazueta Payán, Director of Eservices, announced during a press conference that this would be reflected in three months, with the logistics issue and the exchange rate at the border being the factors that help determine the price of fuel, so it was confirmed that this would increase from 19 pesos per liter to approximately 22 pesos per liter.

Prices for ordinary gasoline increased from 18 to 19 pesos in 2021 and will climb again from 21 to 22 pesos in 2022, because the price is now free according to the energy reform, and has increased due to logistics and the currency rate, a key factor notably for the border area.

Similarly, Alicia Zazueta explained that today gasoline in Tijuana is cheaper than in San Diego, with a difference of about 2 pesos per liter, and that this is because there are no refineries in Mexico. Hence, the value varies from 3 to 5 cents, compared to the United States, where there are higher price variations.

Finally, he stated that service stations are now over-regulated, which has an influence on consumer prices, which will be recognized in three months when gasoline prices rise in the organization.

Video: The price of gasoline will increase in Baja California


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