"La Chinesca" will be turned into a national tourist site by Governor Marina del Pilar

It was stated that the Historic Center of Mexicali is alive and well despite decades of neglect

The Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda, announced that progress had been made in the regeneration of Mexicali's renowned Historic Center, which has been made possible by the support of society, the Mexicali City Council, and the State Government, as well as businessmen, whose common goal is to turn the Chinese show into a national tourism benchmark.

The goal is to use programs and methods to rejuvenate the first square via infrastructure, tourism, and cultural marketing and to convert the historic center into a national benchmark through an inter-institutional group between the State and Municipal Government. It has both national and international tourist attractions, resulting in the economic growth of the first plaza with a site open to the whole public.

"The historical centers are a benchmark for us, for this government, of where we come from, where we were born, from the cities from which all Baja Californians come, and what better way to undertake, as we have already done from Mexicali, Baja California's capital, to return this important meaning to the people of Baja California, said the Governor.

The Governor remarked that the Historic Center of Mexicali is "alive and pulsating with enchantment and that heart that beats more than ever today" thanks to the efforts of programs that have believed in the present and future of said location, which focuses a great part of the Mexicalenses' existence.

In this regard, he expressed gratitude to Mexicali Mayor Norma Bustamante Martnez, who has been a part of the project since she was Director of the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Mexicali (IMACUM), achieving tangible results in the economic, cultural, and social development of that sector of the Baja California capital.

She also mentioned that "La Chinesca," one of the most emblematic districts of Mexicali's Historic Center, would soon become a national tourist attraction, demonstrating the variety that makes up the identity of individuals who reside in Baja California.

"It exemplifies what can be accomplished when many levels of government, public society, and private enterprise work together. The Historic Center is an excellent illustration of what can be accomplished when we focus on the heart, "Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda was quoted as saying.

The meeting discussed issues such as the development of cultural activities for 2022, the infrastructure projects that make up the rehabilitation of the first square, as well as coordination with the local business community to expedite the project's progress and the actions that will be developed in public services and public safety.

Carlos Torres Torres, honorary coordinator of State Government projects for the recovery of parks and historic centers; Alfredo Lvarez Cárdenas, General Coordinator of the Cabinet; Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo, Secretary of Infrastructure; Miguel Aguiiga Rodrguez, Secretary of Tourism, as well as Pablo Chee, representative of the Chinese community of Mexicali and the XXIV Mexicali City Council, as well as representatives from the surrounding area, attended the meeting.

Video: Governor Marina del Pilar talks about the future of "La Chinesca."


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