Governor Marina del Pilar joins 2022 AgroBaja Expo’s opening

The Governor stated that from Thursday, March 3 to Saturday, March 5, it is expected that 50,000 people attend the event

Expo AgroBaja 2022 is now open and Baja Californian Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmedo, was there to inaugurate one of the most important agricultural exhibitions nationwide, which also constitutes a great, impactful moment for Baja Californian farm workers and businesses.

The Governor pointed out that between March 3 on Thursday and March 5 on Saturday it is expected that more than 50,000 people, not only from Baja California but also the Southern USA and other states of Mexico, attend this event, so important to the industry.

It should be noted that AgroBaja Expo is considered one of the most important exhibitions related to agricultural matters, such as livestock farming in Mexico and Latin America, since it has exhibitors from 18 different Mexican states, as well as other countries.

At the event, representatives of the Executive Branch of Baja California, as well as of the State Congress and the Judicial Branch, all attended the event, proving that the countryside and farming are a priority for different authorities, for they are a grand boost for economic activity and food sufficiency.

According to Secretary of the Country and Food Security of Baja California, Juan Meléndez, the goal of AgroBaja is to “reunite producers and providers of the region, so they can do business and find out the technological advances that have been made in the agricultural and fishing industries.”

It should be noted that Heads of the Fishing and Tourism Bureau, Alma García and Miguel Aguiñaga, attended the event and they highlighted its relevance. In the inauguration, Pablo Melgoza, President of the AgroBaja Patronage, Juan Manuel Molina García, President of the State Congress of Baja California, and Arturo Elías, member of the Agrobaja Patronage, were also all present.

VIDEO: AgroBaja Expo begins!


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