Influx of Russians and Ukrainians to San Diego last February was eight times higher than in 2021

The numbers were shared by Customs and Border Protection in the FY Nationwide Encounters by Month chart

Photo by: Cortesía & Archivo SDR

The conflicts between Russia and Ukraine have caused an endless amount of reactions, both in people and countries around the world. These conflicts have caused families of Ukrainian and Russian origin to flee their respective countries to avoid war, with a lot of them traveling to the United States looking for political asylum.

The chart titled FY Nationwide Encounters by Month by CBP has been updated with information from February, as part of the 2022 fiscal year. Here they show that the influx of Ukrainian and Russian immigrants was eight times higher compared to February 2021. While in 2021 the influx was 87 people, in 2022, 730 immigrants were registered in San Diego. The data from this shared page shows that the numbers of this year are easily higher than those from 2019.

February was not the only month in which there was an increase in Ukrainian and Russian immigrants’ admissions to the US. In the last few months, the numbers have been rising significantly, shown here down below:

  • September 2021: 1,568
  • October 2021: 1,686
  • November 2021: 1,853
  • December 2021: 2,223
  • January 2022: 953

Customs and Border Protection
Customs and Border Protection

At the beginning of this week, CBP agents were contacted and they revealed that, compared to immigrants coming from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, the percentage of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants is low. This same data was demonstrated through the Nationwide Encounter by Month chart.

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