Gordon Ramsey surprises by preparing a Caesar salad in Tijuana

He prepared this dish at Hotel Caesar’s

Culinary celebrity Gordon Ramsey has visited Tijuana and Baja California many times, and he has been witness of the preparation of several local dishes. He has even been able to make some of them and on this occasion, Ramsay prepared one of Mexico’s most enduring dishes: the Caesar salad.

What a better place to prepare this famous salad that at Hotel Caesar’s itself located at Avenida Revolución of Zona Centro in Tijuana. The making of this salad was a part of Gordon’s show, Gino and Fred: Road Trip where Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo, and Fred Sirieix visit different parts of the world and try out hundreds of dishes.

The ensaladero (salad maker) explained that the making of the dressing occurred once when the restaurant was too full and there were very few ingredients, and it was made with what was available in the kitchen. Gino stated that it is in these moments when the best recipes are created: when one is looking in the shelves and lets inspiration and spontaneity take control.

Ramsay said:

The only thing I would change, it’s a little bit of heat in the dressing. Just a chili flake.

Once he ate his salad, Gordon decided to create his own with a little more spiciness. Ramsay mixed mayo, egg yolk, tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, dry chili flakes, grilled poblano chili, a spoonful of honey, anchovy paste, a little bit of tequila, coriander, and Cotija cheese in a bowl. When he tried to serve the salad, one of his plates fell and smashed on the floor, breaking completely, which caused everyone in the restaurant to applaud.

It should be noted that the ingredients Gordon used for his salad were ingredients he picked up along his travels. When everyone tried Gordon’s salad, they all said that the salad was quite balanced and it could be a dish that the restaurant could definitely offer. Gino joked that, if they did that, they should hire 20 more waiters and purchase 300 additional plates.


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