Abogados Animalistas: dog abandoned in drug tunnel in Tijuana wasn’t adopted by soldiers

This dog was given to Rescue Me to safeguard its wellbeing and life

Photo by: Sedena y Abogados Animalistas México

On Monday May 16, a drug tunnel located at a Otay Centenario address in Tijuana was found by Municipal Police and Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) forces. The drug tunnel crossed the San Diego border in order to allow drug traffickers to bring their merchandise over to the US.

A dog was found at this property. After a call for help from Abogados Animalistas México, Rescue Me Tijuana responded and, as a result, Mexico’s Attorney General Office granted judicial custodian rights to this association, which is now in charge of safeguarding this animal’s wellbeing.

Recently, Abogados Animales has asked media outlets to stop spreading false information regarding this dog’s whereabouts and condition. Some have stated that “Fiscal” (as the dog has been nicknamed) has been adopted by soldiers, while others have called the animal a “drug dog”, an incorrect term since the animal was not being used for drug-related purposes and was just found at the address.

This organization has asked not to refer to Fiscal with derogatory terms. The organization also claimed that, regarding this type of cases, work is carried out with the appropriate authorities so that animals are taken care of legally at Animal Control facilities or are given to a judicial custodian through a Civil Association (such is the case with Fiscal). This is in order to safeguard the life and wellbeing of the animal, because they are not able to be adopted immediately and are not easily accessible until authorized by authorities.

The association added that those who wish to support Fiscal’s food and lodging, can do so through the Facebook page of Rescue Me Tijuana. Likewise, they can also donate directly to the organization so that it can continue to help rescued animals in similar situations.

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