Who is David Álvarez and what does he represent for San Diego?

David Álvarez has the support of several citizens, activities and politicians

California's 80th State Assembly district is about to choose its assemblymember and, without a doubt, these elections have a clear and defined option: David Álvarez, who is a candidate along with Georgette Gómez. It should be noted that Gómez is not that well known and the few things that are known about her are not exactly positive; she was accused of not filing 100,000 dollars in taxes.

Meanwhile, David Álvarez’s image is impeccable as he is completely focused on his community. For example, arts and education are a very important matter to him, along with the environment and his community’s progress.

It should be noted that this is part of the reason why Álvarez has the support of so many citizens, activists, and politicians, who have highlighted the candidate’s work while being a member of San Diego’s City Council. There he undertook actions to improve educational facilities: one of the reasons why he is so fondly remembered and loved is because he replaced an old, 90-year-old public library with a new one.

Another thing about David that a lot of people don’t know is that he presided over the Environmental Committee and developed the Pure Water Program. This program’s goals are to guarantee low water prices, stop sewage from polluting the ocean, and making San Diego able to control water pathways.

He has also worked on water canal and stream maintenance in the city to prevent flooding and contain sewage spills.

As previously mentioned, one of David’s main goals is to improve the lifestyle of his community and help the homeless. For him, to deal with homelessness there must be a wide range of permanent support homes available to homeless families and people.

According to his website, David’s proposed shelter solution is to open unoccupied or underutilized municipal properties such as the old library downtown or the Chargers’ old training facilities. With the position he is hoping to obtain, he will be responsible of representing different areas of San Diego such as Bonita, parts of Chula Vista, National City, among others.

VIDEO: Candidate David Álvarez attends San Diego High School modernization


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