Carlos Santana used to practice in Tijuana before becoming famous: Baja Window to the South

Alejandro Cruces Camberos states that Tijuana is a great place for new artists

Photo by: Carlos Santana Facebook & Brian Romero

Baja Window to the South has a prequel of sorts which aired for more than 30 years called “Tijuana Window to the South” where the wonders that this municipality has to offer were shown through a “window” to all of these cultural attributes.

To talk about this Alejandro Cruces Camberos was here, Tijuana native cultural promoter and son of Manuel Cruces Cuellar who was the original producer of Tijuana Window to the South in 1970. This program aired in Channel 6 and was located at Monte de San Antonio in Colonia Juárez.

His love of art not only came through his father as Alejandro comes from a family full of directors, actors, folkloric dancers, artists and so much more. Currently, he continues to promote and support art in the state. Both he and his brother attend cultural and artistic events in order to compile and archive through videos their most important moments. Alejandro says that, thanks to this, there are videos of things that may never happen again such as artistic reunions, special events, etc.

He also stated that he is very excited to see the program reborn as Baja Window to the South since it brought very fond memories of when he went to the studio with his father. He said that Tijuana has become a great place for a lot of artists who start out locally (like any other beginner) and then become international stars. A clear example of this is worldwide renowned guitar player Carlos Santana, who began practicing his instrument in Tijuana.

Click here if you want to watch the complete episode of Baja Window to the South where we discuss this topic!

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