Tijuana trends in Spain: KFC launches sauce honoring this border city

So far, the sauce has been quite successful

Tijuana is a world-famous city, so it is no surprise that it served as inspiration for a new KFC sauce in Spain, which has baptized a new sauce as "Tijuana", and even released publicity of it.

People who have tried this sauce in Spain have provided some interesting facts about its flavors, which is mainly made from sesame seeds. They have said, for example, that its taste is quite similar to BBQ sauce.

Something interesting to note is that this sauce is made from this type of seed because in Spain they believe that people in Tijuana typically eat it, though we know that this is a myth.

So far, the sauce has been quite successful. On the tweet, one can see how they compare a ketchup bottle with the KFC Tijuana sauce. The caption reads “fitting with society” referring to the ketchup bottle and “being happy” referring to the Tijuana sauce.

Some users have even asked, when will this sauce crated by Grefusa, S.L. in cooperation with KFC arrive in Mexico? Would you like to see this sauce that KFC lovers in Spain love here in Tijuana?

VIDEO: Tijuana Sauce in KFC Spain


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