Tijuana native singer-songwriter has collaborated with Carlos Rivera: Baja Window to the South

He is a musician who also sings, plays the piano, and is a musical producer

Photo by: Said Aguilar & Carlos Rivera Facebook

Said Aguilar is a Tijuana native with several talents who is a singer, author, TV host, and producer, as well as the owner of a restaurant in San Diego. He was born in Mexico City, but moved to Baja California and became a Tijuana native “through adoption”. Here he joined the Conservatory of Music and then enrolled in the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Besides having shows at different bars in Tijuana and San Diego, he released his first EP (Extended Play) of five songs in 2019. Said said that he never thought he was going to be a singer since he had only been passionate about playing piano when he was 6 years old and later thought he would become a musical producer. However, his mother forced him to start singing in church and that was when he realized he liked doing it.

From that moment on, he began his professional musical formation by going through piano lessons at the conservatory and the Philharmonic Orchestra. He said that, interestingly, people know him more for his voice than his piano talent, but he said that he considers himself more a musician than a singer and one of the things he likes doing the most is writing string scores with violins or cellos for films.

Besides becoming an artist himself, one of his dreams is to write songs for other artists which he has managed to achieve when recording choruses with renowned Mexican singers such as Carlos Rivera. Recently he released his newest song called “Hoy no” (Not today) where he speaks about child abuse and invites people to reflect about this matter. He added that he is very happy about playing live once more after the pandemic.

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