Man travels on electric unicycle from San Francisco to Tijuana; he will continue on to Los Cabos

For Ben, it is important to create unique experiences

La Baja has always been a place of adventures and trips, a place that every adventurer wants to travel through due to its beautiful landscapes. Because of this, it is not surprising that an adventurer like Ben, better known on Instagram as The Barefoot Dreamer, has chosen this destination to live an unparalleled experience.

Ben, who is originally from England, does this type of trips to challenge himself because he likes to see what he is capable of doing when he leaves his comfort zone. He speaks exclusively to San Diego and told us that his main objective was to get from San Francisco to Tijuana on an electric unicycle, but he was so excited when he did so that his next stop will be Los Cabos in Baja California Sur. It should be noted that he is considering going from Los Cabos to Mazatlán.

For him, doing things outside of his comfort zone is very important and he claimed that when he does this type of activities is when he has found out the best experiences and the best people.

“Most people don’t risk this kind of adventures, but when they meet somebody that does it, they want to take part in it and everyone can help you and support you. It is one of the most beautiful things you can learn in life,” he said through a video shared on Instagram.

Ben has traveled to over 130 countries and has been doing this kind of unexpected trips for 15 years. Not all of them have been on a unicycle since he has reached some destinations on plane, but what is important to him is to create unforgettable stories and meet new people.

On Instagram, you will see from European countries to Latin American countries, and you will see him spend a great time with friends and animals. If you want to know more about this adventurer, click the link down below:

VIDEO: Travelers tours La Baja on a unicycle


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