“Tacos El Yaqui” in Rosarito are named the best tacos in the world

Their tacos were recommended by culinary critics

Photo by: Rolando Lopez Sardin on Google & Saira Peñaloza

Each country’s gastronomy is one of their key issues, since it is one of the main attractions for tourists. Dishes are also considered one of the elements that identify regions all around the world, for example, Mexico is identified with several different dishes such as tacos.

Tasteatlas is a website that informs users about world gastronomy with an interactive map that describes the traditional food of each country, as well as annual rankings. One of these is “100 Best Foods in the World”, where several Mexican dishes got in the list, among these, carne asada tacos.

According to this website, the best place to eat carne asada tacos in the world is “Tacos El Yaqui” located at Av. Mar del Norte 115 Col. Centro 22710 Rosarito, Baja California. They are known for their famous carne asada “tacos perrones” served on a flour tortilla.

This Baja Californian taqueria was recommended by 12 Tasteatlas critics. One of these stated:

This is a common enough treat in Baja California, but there is nothing common about the carne asada at a taco stand in Rosarito beach named Tacos El Yaqui.

Tijuana ranked second and third place to eat this type of dish, recommending “Tacos El Poblano” at Blvd. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Ramos, 22116 and “Taquería Franc” at Blvd. Sánchez Taboada, Zona Este. On the other hand, Mexicali was ranked 11th place with "Asadero Acatlán de Juárez".

If you wish to visit "Tacos El Yaqui", here’s the location:

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