Immunity Therapy Center, leader in alternative cancer treatments in Tijuana: Baja Window to the South

It has a 24/7 service by this hospital’s staff

Tijuana has several tourist attractions and one of them is its medical services. An example of this is Immunity Therapy Center (ITC), founded by Dr. Carlos Bautista, a Tijuana native who worked in several hospitals and dreamt about this incredible medical facility which he made a reality after starting in a small office.

This facility started to grow little by little, and as it began to show great results, it started to receive patients from all over the world. It offers medical services with the most advanced and newest technology, the best equipment, and a warm and friendly environment.

Among the features that make ITC different from other centers is its staff, which is completely and lovingly dedicated to the activities they carry out. The facilities and most recent treatments have positioned them as one of the leaders in their field.

ITC has a team of doctors specialized in cancer and autoimmune diseases that offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has lodging programs inside the hospital for patients who require continuous medical treatment as well as lodging services in other buildings (such as hotels) for those patients who can travel to the Immunity Therapy Center facilities. Nurses also undergo a specialized training that adapts to the treatments that are offered here, ensuring that all of the hospital’s personnel are a group of highly-qualified people.

If needed, radiation treatments are given to the patient. However, there is a wide variety of procedures with beneficial effects, specifically an immunotherapy treatment that looks to stimulate the immune system to detect and fight against cancer. Dr. Bautista added that this is a key element, but there are many different types of treatments:

  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Hyperthermia
  • Local Hyperthermia
  • Full Body Hyperthermia
  • Several different types of intravenous solutions and much more

Carlos claimed that it is a very comprehensive program that is always looking to add new treatments. If for any reason, something doesn’t work, other options are explored in order to continue fighting this disease until the desired results are obtained.

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