Drug traffickers are arrested in raid and their dog turns himself in

The dog’s reaction surprised viewers

Photo by: Radio BCN

Animals always do things that surprises us. It can be something moving or funny, and these two occurred during a drug raid in Brazil. Authorities entered a house as part of an organized crime operative where three people were arrested and, alongside them, their dog decided to lay down on the floor.

This occurred in Hortolândia, a Brazilian municipality in the state of São Paulo. According to the Daily Mail, three suspects were found in the premises along with 1.1 tons of marihuana. In order to have proof of this crime operative, the officers decided to record part of the scene.

During the short recording, one can see packages of marihuana inside the house. In the last seconds of the video, one can see the three arrested men lying face down on the floor with their hands behind their backs with a Rottweiler dog lying next to them.

People were surprised that the dog decided not to defend them and instead “surrender” to the authorities. According to local media outlets, the dogand the suspects were taken to the Drug Police headquarters.

Information by Milenio.

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