Tijuana native chef, Adria Marina, will be a judge at Top Chef VIP

This reality show will premiere on August 9 on Telemundo

Amazing flavors, talent, and challenges will come together on the new reality cooking show Top Chef VIP, which will premiere on August 9 on Telemundo at 4 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

The show will include 16 celebrities competing for $100,000 dollars and one of the judges will be local chef Adria Marina.

Born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, Adria will share screentime with her colleagues Antonio De Livier, a Mexicali native, and Colombian chef Juan Manuel Barrietos.

In an exclusive interview with San Diego Red, Chef Adria spoke about how she experienced working with them.

It has been so much fun because each of them has their own skills, their own lifestyle, business style, cooking style, and cravings. Suddenly we may have different opinions, but that is what makes it a real show.

Regarding the different celebrities that will participate, she said:

They will be cooking every day. It is great because the show has humor, it is almost like a comedy. I was having so much fun while we were filming. As we film the dishes, they continue to progress. They learn more techniques and gain more knowledge as the challenges continue. Since they are celebrities, they have an extra charm that works for television and the camera.

The participating celebrities will be: Marlene Favela, Mauricio Islas, Gregorio Pernía, Héctor Suárez Gomís, Scarlet Ortiz, Lambda García, Horacio Pancheri, Ferdinando Valencia, and Rodrigo Vidal; as well as 5 singers: Jennifer Peña, Graciela Beltrán, Luis Coronel, Aída Cuevas, and Cristina Eustace; Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera and influencer Chiky Bombom.

Top Chef VIP will be hosted by actress Carmen Villalobos.

Drama, tears, laughter, mistakes, and accidents will all occur during these two-hour long episodes. At this show, celebrities will learn how to balance dishes, create salsas, make the most out of animal proteins, and create desserts.

When asked about what type of judge she will be when judging dishes, Adria Marina confessed:

In real life, I’m actually very demanding and square. I understand that I’m working with people that are not professional cooks, but I always give them my point of view and something they can learn. After scolding them or telling them something is wrong, they also need to know why so that they continue learning and don’t make the same mistake again. Seeing them falling in love with cooking… I love that.

During her interview, Chef Adria stated that she is someone who loves assisting and serving others, but specified that working in the kitchen professionally is very different from cooking for your loved ones since it is more demanding.

There are many more things involved, including stress, while at home you can relax. I love pampering and there’s no better, more natural way to show this love than by cooking.

Every chef has a secret, specialty, or optimal dish that they make in order to impress. In Adria Marina's case, she has distinguished herself due to her creativity. Since she is now the owner of several businesses, however, she is no longer in the kitchen every day.

She said:

I like Asian notes a lot and rice that takes a long time to cook because I think they develop different flavors and are comforting.

Speaking about Baja Californian cuisine, she noted that she loves that it doesn't need to have any rules, as long as the outcome is a happy one.

She also advised entrepreneurs who are thinking about opening their own restaurant:

Results are accomplished with effort. People shouldn’t think “I’m going to open a restaurant and it is just going to work out by itself”. You have to make an effort and lead by example and inspire others.

It should be noted that Chef Adria Marina has three businesses in Tijuana which are: Don Ramen (Blvd. Agua Caliente), Georgina Restaurante (Zona Río), and Azarosa Café (Telefónica Gastro Park).

Watch the complete interview right here:


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