Tourists go to “Tacos El Yaqui” in Rosarito to try the best tacos in the world: Baja Window to the South

Their carne asada (“perrones”) tacos have been praised by many people

Photo by: Tacos El Yaqui Perrones

Baja California is a great and attractive state for tourists from all over the world since it has an endless number of activities that anyone can partake in: from intellectual activities to cultural activities to flavorful activities that let you marvel at the gastronomic wonders that this region has to offer.

This is why one can see several of this region’s restaurants almost full every weekend, especially on vacation season. One clear example of this is “Tacos El Yaqui” in Rosarito which are visited due to their famous “tacos perrones”; which are made with flour tortillas, melted cheese, carne asada, and more.

The title of “Best Carne Asada Tacos in the World” was given to them by TasteAtlas, a website that informs users about world cuisine through an interactive map where one can see the renowned or traditional dishes of each region. Regarding the carne asada tacos, “El Yaqui” was recommended by several culinary critics.

Baja Window to the South host Denitza García went to this taqueria in Rosarito where one can see long lines of customers waiting for the delicacies by “El Yaqui”. She interviewed several American tourists who all claimed that the flavor of the tacos is unparalleled due to their homemade tortillas and the meat smoked taste. They all stated that they like returning to this place again and again and have even brought their families so that they can try these tacos out.

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