Fight between CBP officers and undocumented immigrants at Playas de Tijuana border wall goes viral

There was a clash between immigrants and CBP officers in Tijuana

Yesterday, a TikTok user shared several videos where one can see undocumented people crossing successfully the Playas de Tijuana border wall. In another video one can see how two CBP officers wait on motorcycles for the men crossing the border to get to the ground.

This incident was recorded by woman who was apparently walking with her child on the beach when she saw these men trying to cross the border. It should be noted that on the Mexican side of the border, a crowd of onlookers had formed to watch the immigrants. (Video down below)

On the other side, once the men got to the ground, CBP officers approached them. The immigrants tried to fight the Americans who were wearing protective gear, using special batons as weapons. One of the CBP officers was quickly able to apprehend one of them.

However, the second man was still fighting and this apparently caused the officer to lose control, as he continually punched and beat the man with his baton. Understandably, the public that was watching from Mexico started to grow and shouted as if it was all a show.

It should be noted that they needed three men to restrain only one of these immigrants. The original video was deleted from TikTok, but it was shared by Texan congresswoman Mayra Flores on Twitter.

CBP has not released any statements regarding this incident though Congresswoman Flores stated on her tweet that they were alleged “smugglers.”

VIDEO: Fight between immigrants and CBP officers is recorded in Tijuana


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