Tijuana native is accepted in European school to study ballet. He is asking for help!

Though he started his career as a dancer a little late, his talent allowed him to be admitted at this university

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Baja California has talent that has distinguished itself in several sectors that range from gastronomy, entertainment, health, science and the arts. There are artists such as dancer Joaquín Rosas Pérez who is a 22-year-old Tijuana native who loves to dance ballet.

Joaquín claims that though he started his career when he was 19 years old (a little late), the values that he learned at home such as perseverance and effort were the basis to never give up and keep improving even more. He improved to such a point that his teacher María Carmen Echeverría told him that she thought he had enough skills and talent to take an exam at a European school.

This Tijuana native young man stated that he is a proud member of a family of tortilla makers who taught him values and teachings such as hard work and to never give up on his dreams. Joaquín was accepted at an international school and he is proudly representing Tijuana, Baja California, and Mexico. He wishes to return in a few years to teach all the knowledge that he will learn during this new school phase.

One of his main current challenges is his economic situation, which is why he is currently organizing raffles and looking for sponsors who wish to support his new life in Europe and his enrollment, which is more expensive since he is a foreign student. If you wish to help Joaquin, you can call him directly at 663-158-92-35 or email him at

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