Woman who cut in line at Tijuana border crossing is arrested for running over police officer

She will be detained for the crime of causing significant injuries

“Gaviotas” (people who cut in line at US-Mexico ports of entry) are a very controversial topic in Tijuana. These are the people who cut in line at the border crossing lanes irregularly without going through due process to avoid waiting times. Though people who do this are being stopped now, there are still people who try to do it anyway.

On this occasion a woman was arrested for running over a police municipal officer. The detainee, identified as Georgina Elizabeth “N”, tried to regularly enter the SENTRI lane. This occurred at the intersection of Cuauhtémoc Norte and Padre Kino Avenue at Zona Urbana Río Tijuana, where she made an illegal turn intentionally.

When she turned, the woman collided the front part of her car (a gray Honda Pilot) against a municipal police officer who was controlling the area’s traffic. The police officer flew across the air and he ended up with several injuries.

The driver was detained and turned over to the judge where she received an initial hearing where she listened to the prosecutor’s arguments. An arrest process was issued due to her causing significant injures which gave authorities a deadline of two months to carry out a complementary investigation.

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