Restaurant in San Diego has the second best pozole in the world

This is according to the culinary website TasteAtlas

Photo by: TasteAtlas & Captura de Google Maps

National festivities will take place on Thursday, September 15 for Independence Day celebrations and are also the beginning of celebrations that last until the end of the year. Tonight, several places and homes will be able to enjoy typical Mexican dishes such as the famous pozole.

Though it has several different varieties, preparation methods, and each family and region think that they have the best version, the website TasteAtlas revealed that Old Town Mexican Cafe in San Diego has one of the best pozoles in the world.

Rebecca Rose who recommended this place, stated the following: “Old Town Mexican Cafe’s version is red and it is insanely delicious. I tried this thinking it would make a good side or an appetizer, but I got the small portion, which was actually a huge, hearty portion that could easily stand up as a main dish."

This website has a red pozole classification, and Old Town Mexican Café is ranked second place, being only bested by La Casa de Toño in Mexico City. Culinary critics claimed that only connoisseurs know that this is the best restaurant in Mexico City, which is famous for this specific dish.

Though the fact that an American restaurant is ranked second place can be a bit shocking, it should be noted that in the US there are a high number of Mexican and/or Latino people, which means that both traditions and flavors continue to cross the border.

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