Tijuana native chicken “deported” for illegally crossing through the San Ysidro Port of Entry goes viral

In the pictures one can see the chicken being chased by a CBP officer

Photo by: Facebook

The US-Tijuana border crossing has been the venue for several types of moments: some tragic, some violent, some moving, and some funny. On social media, an unlikely, though not impossible, event has gone viral where we can see a chicken trying to “cross to the other side.”

The funny moment has gone viral on social media where one can see this Mexican chicken trying to cross “illegally” to the US. The picture’s caption claims that it was “captured and deported back to Mexico”.

It should be noted that these photographs are not recent, since they were first published in October 2021. In these pictures one can see the chicken being chased by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer with a cage.

It should be noted that this incident has not been the only one of its kind. There have been several occasions where other animals such as dogs have gone viral for trying or managing to cross the border. Sometimes they manage to get to the other side by simply following other people. There have been other moments such as officers and street vendors interacting with each other that have touched people’s hearts.

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