This is what you need to know about the DNR fee for Americans visiting Mexico

The payment for staying in Mexico is easy and quick to make with airline companies; find out in which situations you could be exempt from this payment

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There are several rules for foreigners that one is required to follow to avoid legal setbacks when traveling between the United States and Mexico, specifically in Tijuana.

One of these situations, that applies to all American tourists, is about the payment regarding the “rights of visitors without a permit to carry out paid activities,” also known as DNR, a type of non-resident fee.

According to Guía Héroes Paisanos, if you are a foreigner you have to make a payment when entering Mexico if you are staying here as a “visitor without a permit to carry out paid activities”. Whether your trip is due to tourism, business, or something else, if it is done by air, sea, or land, you have to pay for this right. The payment in 2022 is $638.00 pesos ($32 dollars) for each person. This payment is updated on January 1st each year.

However, there are several reasons why you could end up not making this payment if you are a foreigner. According to the Guía del Paisano (Fellow Countryman’s Guide), if your stay in Mexico is less than 7 days and you entered into Mexico by land to stay as a “visitor without a permit to carry out paid activities”, the only way you would be obligated to pay as a foreigner is if your stay exceeds 7 (seven) days.

Another reason why you could end up not paying is by substantiating any other reason for staying that is different from that by a “visitor without a permit to carry out paid activities”, such as a visitor with permit to carry out paid activities; foreign worker; adoption motives; temporary or permanent resident in Mexico. Children under 2 years of age, flight and ship crews as well as foreign diplomats or with official visas don’t pay this fee either.

DNR payments can be made with airline companies. The companies that offer flight services will be in charge of processing this payment. With the exception of American Express, all cards are valid and can be used to make this payment. The payment is easy and quick to make.

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