Explore the art world of Baja California in Baja Window to the South

Dancing, health, art, and gastronomy are the stars of the latest episode of Baja Window to the South

The newest episode of Baja Window To The South is filled with more culture than ever, as we delve into the world of art, starting with the art of dance.

First, we spoke with Gema Rodríguez, dancer and teacher at Fundación Dance Ability México, a dance academy for people with special needs.

Rodríguez told us how wonderful her experiences have been as a teacher in this institution and how it has changed the lives of dozens of students.

We also travel to Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort, a paradise in Valle de Guadalupe for people seeking to detox, boost, and restore their health through the most comprehensive therapeutic protocols.

We continue with our art throughline with renowned painter and graffiti artist Mode Orozco, creator of the Brandon Moreno mural, who tells us about his murals and what he’s trying to convey with his incredible paintings.

We also go to Museo Comunitario de Tecate, a museum dedicated to the indigenous Kumiai people, where you will be able to learn all about their wonderful culture, their community, and their history.

Last but not least, we cook for you a delicious portobello vegetarian taco, a gastronomy delicacy by Chef Oso Campos de Tras / Horizonte which you cannot miss.

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