Start enjoying the Guadalupe-Three Kings’ Day marathon with posadas!

On this new episode, discover everything about posadas, enjoy great music, and find out more about Baja Californian gastronomy

It is almost December 12 and, with that, the traditional Guadalupe-Three King’s Day marathon begins. It is almost a month of festivities where one of the most popular in Mexico is the posadas, which is why in this edition of Baja Window to the South we will discover their origin and the importance they have had throughout the years.

Of course, we cannot forget the music and that is why singer-songwriter and artist María Reign, a Baja Californian talent, delighted us with a beautiful a cappella performance of her newest song, “Jet a Malibú”.

In addition, Olga Sánchez de la Vega goes back to Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort to taste the delicious and healthy dishes of its restaurant, famous for promoting nutritional foods while detoxing your body.

We also went to Restaurant Savage in Tijuana, led by Chef Rael Coronado, where one can try the typical flavors of both sides of the border, thanks to their meals and dishes made in Tijuana and San Diego styles.

If cold is not a problem for you, 3 Emes is the surfing spot for you in Ensenada, a calm place for those who want to surf in less crowded places.

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