Discover Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort, the holistic paradise of Baja California

The best place to recover your health in Baja California

Are you looking for a unique place to relax? Discover the luxury resort that has everything you need to restore your health, Montevalle, located in Baja California, specifically in Valle de Guadalupe. This area is exclusive and calm for those who are looking to recover their health through the most complete therapeutic protocols.

Dr. Francisco Corral shared that one of the great attractions about these facilities is the technology they have, as they provide intravenous treatments, oxygen treatments, and electromagnets.

We offer detox therapies, as well as vitamins and hydration. We also offer therapies for the immune system, therapies to lose weight, for skin, and collagen.

One of their most popular treatments is intravenous therapies to prevent some of the diseases that increase with age, which include the appearance of expression lines, as well as many other treatments.

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Something very attractive about Montevalle is that it is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, olive trees, and lavender flowers where you will be able to have a healthy and vibrant experience. This place has something called a “Wellness Plan” where they offer several different methods so you can feel healthier and more energetic.

First, they have a 1 Day Package where they offer: a health consultation, 2 intravenous infusions, 1 massage, 2 meals, meditation, meditation by walking, reiki, and yoga. In addition, you have complete access to all services and activities.

They also have a Superior Plan, where you will have access to pretty much everything from the previous plan, plus lodging at one of their villas. You will have access to a massage every day and three meals a day.

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Lastly, there is their Optimal Plan, exclusive for guests who are looking for a retreat that will change their lives. This plan has the same things as the Superior Plan, but it also has a holistic therapy treatment program.

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The Best Place to Relax in Baja California: Discover Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort


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