Next terrorist attack in the US could come from Mexico: Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state

He was the secretary of state during Donald Trump’s presidency

Mike Pompeo was the secretary of state during the Donald Trump administration from 2018 to 2021 and recently he has made some important claims about Mexico in his book “Never Give An Inch”, an autobiographical novel that was published on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

In his book, he said that a new terrorist attack as colossal as September 11 could occur in the United States, due to how hard it is for Mexican authorities to contain Mexican cartels. It should be noted that Pompeo is now a presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

“The next September 11 could come from Mexico,” says Pompeo in his book and also stated that cartels are in absolute control of Mexico, especially in the border with the United States, where threats that can put the United States at risk could occur.

According to his own words, Americans should know that their country is facing off against “non-governed” areas such as El Paso, Phoenix, and San Diego. This is why he believes Mexico is a “safe haven” for terrorist operations.

Another revealing truth he shared is that Trump analyzed attacking Mexico as he was exploring ways to solve the important migration problems, although he does not specify how these actions would resolve the crisis, which is probably why this never came to be.

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