Winter holidays are finally over after the arrival of Candlemas

Learn everything about Candlemas and more in today’s episode of “Baja Window to the South”

After the long holiday stretch from the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe to Three Kings’ Day, the day when the winter holiday season ends is finally here. We are talking about Candlemas, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Denisse Jacobo also decided to visit restaurant Calette in Tijuana in order to try out their famous brunch dishes: a breakfast consisting of pancakes with chilaquiles and chicharron on top, a croque madame sandwich, Turkish eggs, and lamb chilaquiles with green and red salsa.

We also go back to Montevalle Health & Wellness Resort to relax and learn all about meditation and reiki, which are all a part of a therapeutic process that helps visitors to relax here in both mind and spirit.

For her part, Aida Valencia, Tijuana native sculptor, talks to us about her sculptures and works of art, like how her colorful art represents her feelings and perspective. She also told us about her work in Patagonia.

Lastly, we go surfing in Ensenada at the hidden Playa Stacks, a secret surfing spot with a left-hand point break! You cannot miss this place if you love surfing and adventure!

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