TikToker goes to taqueria in San Diego and pays for all the tacos ordered in one hour

TikToker @juixxe is known for helping people economically

TikTok is home to hundreds of viral videos, some of which consist of dances or songs. However, there are some that are able to catch the attention of millions of users, such as the one involving a a taquero in National City, California, who was visited by a famous TikToker who was delighted by his food.

TikToker Jesús, better known as @juixxe, currently has 3.5 million followers and 98.3 million likes in all of his videos, some of which have gone viral as he visits several people (who already own small businesses, are street vendors, or are door-to-door salespeople) and gives them money, either by buying their products or giving them tips thanking them for their kindness.

This same situation happened again with a taquero in National City, located in the South Bay region in the metropolitan area of San Diego. He was visited by @juixxe who tasted two of his tacos. Being delighted by the flavor, he offered to pay for all the tacos people ordered in one hour. To attract more clients, the TikToker’s friends made a poster that read “Free Tacos”.

Soon, cars started to swarm this place to eat. Once an hour had passed, he asked the owner how much people had ordered. As he was busy making tacos, he was not able to count. Jesús asked for an estimate, and the owner said $600 dollars, which he paid. Then, in a cup that read “Tips” he placed a $1000 dollar tip.

The owner was moved to tears due to this stranger’s act of kindness. He thanked him and claimed that he was going to save up this money to buy a truck; it should be noted that those who tried his tacos, rated them 9 or 10 for their incredible flavor.

In several videos, Jesús has said that the money he gifts comes both from his follower’s donations and the earnings he receives from social media. That is how he is able to support all these families with a little bit of economic aid.

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