COEPRIS suspends operations at Hospital Arcángeles in Tijuana

COEPRIS is investigating a report made to FGE; the hospital has 5 working days to resolve the observations made

The State Commission of Protection Against Sanitary Risks in Baja California (COEPRIS) completely suspended operations at Hospital Arcángeles due to an investigation about the death of a patient inside this health center which is being carried out by FGE.

The head of this agency, Erwin Areizaga Uribe, stated that on Friday, February 3rd, they went to the facilities of this hospital, located at Delegación La Mesa, where previously the State Prosecutor’s Agency (FGE) had carried out an investigation and had placed seals in the surgery area.

When they inspected some areas, COEPRIS decided to temporarily close the operating, hemodialysis, X-ray, and ultrasound rooms, and they only left open the administrative area so as to redirect the remaining patients to receive care at this place.

The state official said that they are working together with FGE, as they are waiting for the patient’s autopsy results. In addition, they want to go together to review the clinical files and review if the proper protocols, according to the law, were followed during this surgery.

The legal representative of Hospital Arcángeles has five working days to resolve the observations made during Friday’s verification. In case they are not, administrative penalties will be applied that can result in fines and extending the duration of the suspension, the state commissioner concluded.

In addition, he guaranteed that COEPRIS will always carry out permanent actions to watch over clinics, and will accompany and guide health service providers in the private sector so that they comply with current sanitary regulations in order to benefit the wellbeing of patients.

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