A miracle! Dog survives 17 days in Big Bear snowstorm and reunites with her family

The historic snowfalls in the San Bernardino mountains did not make her give up

Photo by: Usuario de Facebook Scott T Clark

Marlee is a 2-year-old dog who reunited with her family after spending 17 days lost in Big Bear in the middle of one of the strongest snowstorms in history.

When her owner Lizbeth Berzinski went on a family trip to the San Bernardino mountains, specifically Tulip Ln. last February 6, she never imagined that she would lose her best friend for 3 whole weeks.

It was Marlee’s first time in the snow and on that occasion, she ended up fleeing into the forest. Immediately, her family put up flyers trying to find her, but day after day passed without any news.

After thinking the worst, Lizbeth discovered that Marlee was still alive thanks to Scott T Clark, a Facebook user in a Big Bear group who posted that he had seen her pet near his cabin at Cienega Road in the Metcalf area.

The dog, a boxer and American bulldog mix, was very thin, and Scott was unable to rescue her.

Last March 27, Marlee was found by Jenny Shelton and her son James Staley, who sheltered her and got in contact with her family. Deeply grateful to these good Samaritans, Lizbeth reunited with her dog, giving a happy ending to this story.

Without a doubt, Marlee had an unforgettable and hard journey, where her will to live managed to overcome all obstacles in her quest for survival and returning to her loved ones.

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