200 exhibitors will be at the 7th edition of Expo TlaquepArte in Rosarito

This event will take place from March 17 to March 20 at the Baja California Center

The famous “Expo TlaquepArte”, the biggest international handicraft exhibition in Mexico, is coming back to Baja California and it will take place from March 17 to March 20 at the Convention Baja California Center in Rosarito.

The event will take place from 10:30 AM to 8 PM and it represents a meeting point for artisans, jewelers, manufacturers, and decoration makers.

200 exhibitors from all over Mexico and 16 Latin American countries such as Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Guatemala, Argentina, and Cuba will gather here.

There will also be international exhibitors from places such as Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Senegal, Kenia, Senegal, and India. Admission will be free for this event..

Artisans from Jalisco, Michoacan, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz, Puebla, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas will also participate in this exhibition.

Dr. Karim Chalita Rodríguez, Secretary of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions in Tijuana (COTUCO), stated the following at a press conference:

Once again we meet and we thank the promotion that the city is given due to these events. This is the 7th edition of TlaquepArte which has been a success. We welcome everyone, especially those from Colombia, Durango, and Jalisco. This is your home.

For his part, Lic. Carlos Maytorena Martínez, president of Expo TlaquepArte added:

We are very happy to be here, in the closest window to the United States. Tijuana is a beautiful city and there’s a lot of activity here that is making us proud. You are an important place that welcomes many immigrants.

In his speech, he said that there’s a commitment to support all indigenous communities of Mexico that need a commercial platform to distribute their creations. In addition, he guaranteed the seriousness from artisans who will offer fair prices at an excellent quality.

Visitors will be able to find Mata pottery from Ortiz de Chihuahua, Olinala boxes from Guerrero, silver from Taxco, exotic wood from Cuba, paintings from Peru, carved wood from Ecuador, guayaberas from Yucatán, pottery and blanket clothes from Jalisco, lamps from Turkey, coffee from Colombia, costume jewelry from Turkey and Russia, rugs from Egypt and hats from Panama, among others, including delicious food.

At this conference, the following people were present: Sara Rubiano, Colombian jewelry designer; Nidia Mendoza, Colombia artisan; Octavio Castro, Durango native businessman, and Claudia Vergara, Jalisco native businesswoman.

It is estimated that the economic revenue due to this event will reach around 15 million pesos.

Expo TlaquepArte location:


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