Scenes of Urban Assault show are filmed in Tijuana

The scenes were filmed today at Avenida Revolución in the morning

Today, the streets of Revolución Avenue were the sets of high-risk car stunts that will be part of the new episode of Urban Assault “Tijuana”.

During this morning, one of the busiest areas in the city was restricted due to filming cameras, which left pedestrians confused as they did not know what was going on. Set assistants asked civilians over and over again to keep themselves in safe areas to prevent accidents and, moments later, a modified buggy started doing a few car stunts.

During this shooting, police officers, the fire department, and the Red Cross were all present to help maintain order and provide assistance in case it was necessary.

Urban Assault is a YouTube channel that specializes in modified engines and cars; they film high-risk stunts in urban areas such as San Diego or, in this case, Tijuana.

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