“El Burro”, the best unspoiled beach to camp in Baja California Sur

This is one of the most beautiful and least explored unspoiled beaches in Baja California Sur

El Burro is one of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California Sur, located in the northern side of the Mulegé municipality, and its main attraction for many tourists that differentiates it from other beaches is that it is unspoiled, which is ideal for nature lovers who want to disconnect from the city, technology, and urbanization.

As there are no hotels or restaurants on the beach, this is the perfect place to camp and enjoy an amazing evening with a night sky full of stars, something you won’t be able to experience in the city or any other beach that has been invaded with infrastructure. The “El Burro” beach is located just 100 kilometers from the city of Loreto, around one and half hours away, which is why if you prefer staying at a hotel or take a coffee and delight yourself with homemade food in the local shops you can also do that.

If you’re going by car to the “El Burro” beach from Loreto, you must drive northbound through Federal Highway No. 1, also known as the Transpeninsular Highway. Ahead, you will see the entrance to “El Coyote” beach that is right next to your destination, subsequently you will find signs that will allow you to enter the community of “El Burro”.

If you go to these beaches, don’t miss the famous “whale tail”, a rocky structure with vegetation that creates an optical illusion and divides both “El Burro” and “El Coyote” beaches. This iconic place can be seen in photographs all over social media, taken from the sky, as its great natural structure divides both beaches in this beautiful region.

Some of the activities that you can find in this beach with little infrastructure are kayaking services to go into the ocean, snorkeling equipment to discover sea life, and sailboat renting, which will help you to enjoy the day calmly or watch the sunset.

Transportation to get to this beach is not really a problem, as there are several different tour agencies in Tijuana and each municipality of Baja California that offer this service, which includes transportation, food, guides, traveler’s insurance, and everything necessary so you can stay. It is recommended that you bring your own camping tent to live through an authentic traveler’s experience, and if you prefer, you can also rent them. You can also rent huts and there’s even an opportunity to partake in glamping; however, it is recommended that you make sure they are available in advance.

Imagen ilustrativa.
Imagen ilustrativa.

Remember to prepare yourself well and to bring what’s necessary to have a unique experience. You should also have enough food and water and drinks, as well as clothes proper for the weather, a sufficiently charged camera, your personal items, and everything you deem necessary to enjoy your trip without any complications.

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