Watch out! This wild plant in Tijuana and San Diego could kill your dog

It is a wild plant that can cause animals a lot of problems

Photo by: Grangetto's Farm & Garden Supply & Unsplash

Tijuana and San Diego share a lot of similarities: the people who visit, gastronomy, culture, and flora and fauna as the land is quite similar. However, not all of these plant species are good and pretty, such is the case with a plant that could kill your pet.

Foxtail is an invasive plant species that grows all over Tijuana and San Diego county. Though they are beautiful when green, especially when there are plenty of them, when it starts to dry, it becomes a threat for animals who approach it.

On social media, several veterinaries and animal hospitals have warned that foxtail season has begun in southern California and Baja California, which is why emergency visits to remove this plant from animals’ bodies have increased.

Foxtail seeds are known for having spikes on their ends. When they get in contact with a dog’s skin, due to its movement and shape, it begins to get deeper and deeper. They can also be found anywhere in the body (fur, nose, mouth, legs, and even inside the body).

Its extraction must be done by a professional due to the harm it causes. Symptoms vary depending on the area of the body, so if your pet comes in contact with areas with dry herbs, you must keep an eye on its behavior because if these seeds get inside the lungs or digestive system it could cause abscesses, infections, and even death, if it is not treated in time.

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