Not over yet! Possible rain chances in Tijuana announced for this Tuesday

Fog in the region is also expected

Spring in Tijuana arrived a while ago, but the city still experiences cold morning and evening temperatures. During most of today, the sky will be partially cloudy, and weather media outlet Meteored has also forecasted rain chances for today Tuesday, May 30.

Today’s morning was fresh, especially in the mountainous areas and in the coastlines. However, weather in the afternoon will become warm and a drop in temperature is expected for the evening.

There will be prevalent winds from the west and northwest in the west coast of the peninsula, with gusts of up to 36 km/h. Fog in the region is also expected. Maximum temperatures will reach 18°C, while the minimum will be 15°C.

In addition, rain has been forecasted for Thursday, June 1, which is why taking precautions is necessary.

It is essential to keep oneself informed through Tijuana’s Civil Protection Agency and other local authorities regarding weather conditions in the region, as weather forecasts can change quickly.

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