International Mosaic Symposium will come to Rosarito for the first time

COTUCO Rosarito presents the First International Mosaic Symposium in Mexico. Artists from all over the world will create mosaic art pieces about Jumano stories in Baja California

Residents of Playas de Rosarito and the Cali-Baja region will be able to enjoy works of art live and directly from internationally renowned artists.

The Committee of Tourism and Conventions (COTUCO) of Rosarito invites the public to the First International Mosaic Symposium in Mexico which will take place at Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEART) in Rosarito from June 5 to June 17 .

13 women from different parts of the world will start working on their mosaics on June 5 at CEART facilities from 9 AM to 5 PM. The public at large will be able to come and see how these art pieces are made whose theme will be Jumano stories, ethnic stories of the state.

These guest artists are:

  • Karla Silva (Mexico)
  • Dianne Sonnenberg (Canada)
  • Aude Fourrier (France)
  • Afsaneh Ashki (Iran)
  • Yohana Elorza (Colombia)
  • Sara La Fiura (Italy)
  • Guillermina Gómez (Argentina)
  • Yulia Hanansen (United States)
  • Neriman Guzel (Turkey)
  • Mari Sangoi (Brazil)
  • Mireille Swinnen (Belgium)
  • Vera Belikova (Russia)
  • Liliana Waisman (Argentina) as a guest of honor

It should be noted that admission will be free and open to all people.

Fernanda Montoya, Director of the COTUCO Rosarito, explained that spaces like this boost local tourism in the community and provide something else to go to besides conventional tourism.

This theme is very Baja Californian, the Jumano stories. This is something CEART really took care of, that it was a Baja Californian topic for Baja California, so that these pieces of art could remain after the inauguration. [...] They are not only going to be making these artworks, but they will also talk with people who are interested so that they can discover firsthand from artists how they are made, what the techniques are, and how to implement them.

On June 17, these artworks will be present in CEART, alongside a talk with the creators. Subsequently, these pieces will remain at this venue for at least one month so that people can enjoy them.

The founder of this event, Giulio Menossi, is an Italian artist with 50 years of experience with this technique, who has carried out this symposium in several parts of the world. This is the first time that it will occur in Mexico, in order to recover an artistic form that has been lost through the years.

We are introducing them to a material, an artistic technique with a lot of cultural roots all over the world. It comes from Mesopotamia, from several cultural introductions, and in Mexico all indigenous culture is a part of mosaics. Introducing mosaics in a contemporary manner is the mission of this symposium.
Giulio Menossi, Founder of the International Mosaic Symposium
Giulio Menossi, Founder of the International Mosaic Symposium

In addition, Giulio Menossi will work alongside artist Aida Valencia (Mexico) in a work of art that will be given as a gift to the people of Rosarito.

COTUCO Rosarito is excited about being able to spread awareness of events such as this one, which promises to inspire local artists and provide an activity for tourists and residents by promoting the region’s indigenous cultures.

To learn more about this event, follow the social media pages of COTUCO Rosarito:

Facebook: @rosaritobajanorte
Instagram: @rosarito_baja

Fernanda Montoya, Director of COTUCO Rosarito
Fernanda Montoya, Director of COTUCO Rosarito

Here is the Facebook page of Casa Valencia, studio of Mexican artist Aida Valencia:

Casa Valencia Mosaico

Here’s the event’s Instagram account so you can learn all about it:



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