Costs through the roof! Tijuana is crowned as the most expensive city to live in

Living expenses in a border city occur in several different areas

Tijuana is undoubtedly a diverse city, with a wide variety of culture, gastronomy, structures, and entertainment. From its vibrant artistic scene to its rich history, Tijuana offers a unique experience for residents and visitors alike; however, one of its biggest disadvantages is the high costs of products and services in the city.

Due to it being located in the border and the high flow of American visitors, the dollar is one of the most used currencies in the city, which makes its exchange rate change directly affect the purchase of products and services, including rent and properties.

Recently, in an article about the 5 most expensive cities to live in Mexico, Tijuana was crowned first place, due to its high housing costs, both when renting and buying a home, apartment, or even a property before anything is built.

Among the reasons for these price increases there are its location at the border which makes it a place of access for foreign markets and the fact that Tijuana is also located next to Playas de Rosarito, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country where housing demands are high, which makes their costs equal.

According to, the average rent price for a home in Tijuana in April 2023 was $18,235 pesos, for a house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and parking spaces for 2 cars. On the other hand, the average department rent price is $18,598 pesos for a place with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a parking lot for 2 cars.

With information from Mi Bolsillo.

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