Not hot yet! Cloudy skies will remain in Tijuana and San Diego this week

Cloudy skies will continue throughout the week

Weather conditions in Tijuana and San Diego are quite unusual, because depending on how close one is to the coast, weather ends up having a different intensity (either hot or cold). However, something that has characterized the city in the last few days is that temperatures are quite cool and the skies are cloudy.

Though we are in June and summer is expected to begin on Wednesday, June 21, weather and temperature don’t resemble anything about this season, as weather conditions will remain the same throughout this week.

According to forecasts, a low pressure zone arrived on Monday, which will bring chances of light rain with a maximum temperature of 60°F (15°C) in the coast and mountains, while the desert will have temperatures of up to 90°F (32.22°C).

For Tijuana, partially cloudy skies are expected until the weekend, where temperatures will range between 20°C and 21°C (68°F and 70°F). On Tuesday, June 5, a mostly sunny day is expected; sunny afternoons are expected for Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10.

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