Japanese man becomes a dog and uploads his first walk

This Japanese YouTuber showed off his realistic dog costume and took his first walk, surprising everyone

A Japanese YouTuber spent up to $15,000 dollars in 2022 to become a border collie dog. This year, he has surprised everyone by taking his first walk, and his video has reached millions of views on YouTube.

The man named Toco, is a fan of collie dogs and that's why he decided to make a dog costume to transform himself into his favorite animal. The most interesting thing about it is that he does look like one.

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The name of this YouTube channel is "I Want To Be An Animal". Here, he has uploaded videos of other dogs and humans reacting to his strange costume, which has gone viral around the world very quickly.

Toco has kept his identity a secret, despite being a famous Japanese influencer. However, very few people know about his double life as he claims that he is afraid that his friends will think he is strange due to his dream of becoming a dog.

This border collie costume was made by Japanese company Zeppet, known for creating sculptures and models for movies. An employee at this agency claimed that it took them 40 days to create this costume because they wanted to get every detail right, so that it looked like a real dog.

Some believe that this is just a reflection of passion for this animal, while others think that what Toco is doing is very strange. What do you think?

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