Montserrat Caballero leads Mayor's Office 2024 Elections in Tijuana: Massive Caller

The current mayor of Tijuana is once again the favorite to continue leading the Municipal Administration

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, is the favorite to keep the mayor's office in the city by leading with 33.9% in a poll made by pollster "Massive Caller". This occurs with her against new possible MORENA candidates, such as former boxer Érik "El Terrible" Morales who is in 2nd place with 31.4%.

According to this same poll, MORENA is the political party with the highest chances of taking Tijuana's mayor office as it has an approval rating of 55.6% with polled voters, leaving PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) with 12.9% and PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) with 5.6%, while 17.3% still haven't decided.

In June, Montserrat Caballero had an approval rating of 33.6% and in this new poll, dated August 1, her approval ratings considerably increased to 33.9%, above her fellow party members Érik Morales (31.4%), Catalino Zavala Márquez (9.7%), and Aracely Geraldo Núñez (8.7%).

On the other hand, the mayor's main competition by opposing parties is Máximo García López of PAN with 17.7%, René Mendivil Acosta of PRI with 17.9%, and David Saúl Guakil of Movimiento Ciudadano with 42.3%. This is comparing each of them with the approval ratings of candidates among their same party.

Using the chatbot technique, the polls were taken through recordings sent to homes, which were answered by the interviewees; these calls were random so as to make them representative. Non-responses were recorded at 0%, while there was a rejection rate of 95%.

Montserrat Caballero: First woman chosen to lead the mayor's office in Tijuana

Baja California is preparing for another year of elections in 2024 and Montserrat Caballero continues to be one of the strongest names to keep the mayor's office of Tijuana. This is after she took office in September 2021 and becoming the first female mayor in the history of this municipality.

Since she took office, Caballero Ramírez has contributed to improving infrastructure and security in the city, as well as the economic, health, and social areas for people. An example of this is the implementation of the "Jornadas del Bienestar" program where aid and basic healthcare is provided to the most vulnerable population.

In addition, a while ago, forgiveness of 100% of fines and fees of the 2023 municipal fiscal year regarding property taxes was approved unanimously. This benefit will be available to taxpayers starting on August 5 until September 20, 2023.

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