"Fiesta de Colores by Cetto is the achievement of all of us who work in this great family": Luis Angelo Cetto

For the Cetto family, the best of the 2023 Great Grape Harvest was to see everyone happy

The Fiesta de Colores 2023 by Cetto was a success that allowed locals and foreigners to enjoy some high-quality moments alongside the best wines in Mexico.

For Grupo Cetto, besides being the most traditional winery in Baja California, they are also an emblematic family that for four generations has inherited and transmitted the love for the harvest of vine and the creation of wine.

That's why it is no surprise that in an event that had a musical performance by Myst, a delicious 4 course meal by Ensenada chef David Salgado, among many other activities, what the Cetto family liked the most was the most important thing: seeing families and guests having a great time and enjoying what was prepared for them.

Luis Alberto Cetto, current CEO of this winery, stated that this Great Grape Harvest is an achievement for the whole family. It is part of the legacy that his grandfather began and that his father continued.

When you begin to see what's going on in Valle de Guadalupe, you see the work that we do every day. We are very happy to be here and share our wines so that people can try them. At this harvest, I'm very happy that I can say hello to so many people that I often don't see and meet new people. This is a very happy event for the whole family.

Besides guests met at Fiesta de Colores, there are also key people that are part not just of this event, but the general operations of Cetto, and they’re the workers who are also part of this great family.

Collaborators at Cetto are also part of this great family.
Collaborators at Cetto are also part of this great family.

Luis Angelo Cetto, Project Manager of this company claimed that he is not just proud of what his great-grandfather, his grandfather, and his father accomplished, but also what each of his workers has accomplished.

For us, taking a grape from soil until making it into a glass of wine requires around 3,000 workers and I am very proud of them. Also, during the harvest one can see when operations on the fields and the factory are stopped, people are relaxed and happy. People are the best part.

And that is precisely what Luis Agustín Cetto (RIP) would have wanted, said Tourism Manager, Fernando Rodríguez Cetto, to see everyone enjoying the party.

Everyone enjoying Fiesta de Colores in Cetto in 2023.
Everyone enjoying Fiesta de Colores in Cetto in 2023.

A great example of this is Elizabeth and Eduardo Corella, a couple who has been married for 28 years who live in La Quinta, California. They have visited Valle de Guadalupe many times, but this was the first time they had been at the Great Grape Harvest in Cetto.

Elizabeth Corella was the one who stomped on grapes at this classic competition, which makes one remember how wine used to be made. She was able to win the women's category.

It was great. It was an amazing experience and I am very excited to win first place. This is my first time and I won the first prize!
Elizabeth and Eduardo Corella won first place at the Grape Stomping Contest in Cetto 2023.
Elizabeth and Eduardo Corella won first place at the Grape Stomping Contest in Cetto 2023.

Her husband Eduardo Corella was her partner in extracting liquids from tubes to fill the proper bucket.

You can see the competitivity there is and that makes you want to do the best you can. It made me want to make a great effort, move the stick with more strength, and that helped the wine come out. It was a great experience. Of course, we are coming back.

Not only Baja Californians enjoyed this regional tradition, as Kayla from San Diego California, also enjoyed the event.

Excellent food, wonderful people, and beautiful landscapes. I come to Valle de Guadalupe very often, and I think it is always safe, I always enjoy my stay here.

Fiesta de Colores 2023 was not just a logistic and company event, but it was actually a success regarding its true purpose: to celebrate. The Great Grape Harvest celebrates the first grape harvest of the year, but at Fiesta de Colores by Cetto, everyone celebrates life.

We invite you to check out the comments made about the 2023 Great Grape Harvest by Cetto that you can watch exclusively on this Baja Window to the South capsule.

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