Man arrested for attacking woman with machete in Tijuana

Man is detained after report of violent domestic attack with machete

After a citizen's report regarding a serious case of domestic violence, agents of the Municipal Police quickly traveled to Corredor 2000.

When they arrived, they observed a man with a machete attacking a woman, which is why officers quickly intervened to persuade the individual to stop his attack. They managed to detain the man identified as 20-year-old Erick "N".

The woman was safeguarded by agents, who quickly requested an ambulance so as to take care of her multiple injuries caused today by the detainee.

Due to this, this individual was handed over to the proper authorities to begin his investigation file.

The Secretariat of Security invites all women in the city to download the mobile app “Botón Morado” to report any kind of violence against or towards any other woman.

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