Mayor Montserrat Caballero inaugurates streets promised during campaign in Tijuana

With an investment of more than 26 million pesos, the mayor reiterated to citizens that they can count on her to keep her campaign promises

This Monday, the mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, inaugurated Calle Ox Bel Ha in Colonia La Cueva, in the delegation of San Antonio de los Buenos, where more than 26 million pesos were invested, keeping once more another of her campaign promises.

The paving of this road, neighbors such as Alma stated, has been stalled for decades. The mayor found out about this when she received a citizen's request while walking down these streets when asking for their votes.

"Because we are here to serve and not to serve ourselves, I walked down these streets just like we promised. We are not governing or taking decisions from the comfort of our offices, we have to meet with people, feel, experience, touch the reality," the mayor said.

Caballero Ramírez delivered the project that goes from Calle Amanecer all the way to Bulevar Ricardo Flores Magón, where the third phase of this project began a few days ago.

"I am proud to say that I'm the municipal president who has done the most projects and that is thanks to your trust, our work together, and our community," the mayor said. She claimed that people keep showing her their trust "Because I belong to the working class and I don't forget where I'm from, which is why I’m living for right now, not tomorrow, because I'm interested in what's going on today and today, as the mayor of Tijuana, we are keeping our promises."

The Secretary of Territory, Urban, and Environmental Development, Juan Enrique Bautista Corona, explained that besides the paving of more than 1.4 kilometers of road, discharge and water outlets were activated, and 350 lineal meters of drainage pipes were placed in order to make their promises with the community a reality. Besides delivering this project that will benefit at least 27,500 inhabitants, the mayor also launched the first road grader in Calle Misión Todos Santos for approximately 1,500 lineal meters.

The grader work will allow them to prepare streets for what's next, which is why the government keeps investing in people who need it the most who had been abandoned by previous governments who ignored their requests and demands.

"Never forget, you can count on me and with all of our government officials to continue building among all of us, more and better opportunities for your families," concluded Caballero Ramírez.

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