Marina del Pilar highlights contributions by CICESE to science and knowledge in Mexico

The governor of Baja California commemorated the history of this prestigious scientific institution headquartered in Ensenada

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Center of Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE), the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, highlighted the value of science and research in order to build a better future for all people.

The state governor highlighted that science is one of the foundations of the development of any region in the world, which is why CICESE represents the embodiment of the aspiration of a group of people dedicated to science that looked for a place with the highest level of research.

Marina del Pilar recalled the work of Nicolás Grijalva, the first Mexican oceanographer, who collaborated with education institutions in other parts of the world and planned the foundations of what is now CICESE with Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC).

"It was in 1969 when Doctor Grijalva began the process to bring then presidential candidate Luis Echeverría to Baja California and showed him this project to found a center of scientific research in Ensenada. The dream would come true 4 years later and it would become official on September 18, 1973," narrated Marina del Pilar during this commemorative act of the CICESE inauguration.

Marina del Pilar emphasized that thanks to the dream of thinkers and academics, the municipality of Ensenada is currently the place with the most amount of scientists per capita in the country, something that makes Baja California stand out.

It should be noted that CICESE is the biggest institution of the 27 that make up the public centers of research of the National Council of Humanities, Science, and Technology (CONAHCYT).

The governor explained that CICESE has given Mexico a seismologic network of 88 stations, the first Mexican nanosatellite: the Painani-I launched in New Zealand, T-cell immunotherapy for bone metastasis, aquaculture and microbiology projects, among other important Mexican knowledge contributions.

"The mission to create knowledge and technology has been accomplished greatly as it contributes to the solution of universal, national, and regional problems through science and developing research that has a transformative impact in society," she explained.

Currently there are 400 researchers working with CICESE in several different areas such as aquaculture, Earth sciences, life sciences, marine ecology, physical and optimal oceanography, computational science, electronic sciences, communications, among others.

In this ceremony, the following people were present: David Covarrubias Rosales, managing director of CICESE; Joaquín Caso Niebla, general secretary of UABC, Julieta Torres González, director of the Center of Research of Applied Chemistry and responsible for the Coordination of Technological and Innovation Development of the System of CONAHCYT Public Centers, and Abraham Orozco Lazcano, director of the State Council of Science and Technology.

Governor delivers old state government building to Ensenada natives

Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda led the delivery of the Old State Government Building of the 24th Municipal Administration of Ensenada, as part of the restoration and improvement of Ensenada's Historic Downtown.

The state governor delivered officially, to Ensenada Mayor Armando Ayala Robles, the building located in Avenida Ruiz, between Avenida 1 and Virgilio Uribe, which will become an area to benefit families of this municipality and visitors.

The coordinator of the Project for the Regeneration of Public Spaces, Carlos Torres Torres, was present at this delivery and highlighted the importance that public spaces have and highlighted the achievements that occurred in Downtown Mexicali. Meanwhile, the state governor highlighted that the government she leads continues to promote the development and creation of spaces in the city's emblematic zones, something with which they've always had support from society and the business sector.

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